POE Lethal Pride Calculator

Path of Exile (PoE) is renowned for its intricate character customization and diverse skill tree. Among the many jewels available in the game, Lethal Pride stands out as a potent and sought-after item. However, understanding its true potential and maximizing its benefits can be a daunting task. In this article, we delve into the world of PoE’s Lethal Pride jewels and explore the invaluable tool known as the Lethal Pride Calculator. We’ll uncover its purpose, functionality, and how it aids players in optimizing their characters for ultimate success in the game.

The Power of Lethal Pride Jewels: Lethal Pride is a unique jewel in Path of Exile that can significantly enhance a character’s passive skill tree. When placed in the jewel socket, it grants powerful bonuses based on the number of notables within a specific radius on the passive skill tree. These notables are nodes on the skill tree that offer significant bonuses to various aspects of gameplay, such as damage, defense, or utility.

POE Lethal Pride Calculator

What makes Lethal Pride particularly intriguing is its ability to convert the bonuses of nearby notables into unique modifiers, tailored to the specific character. This grants players the opportunity to create truly personalized builds and unlock new synergies by customizing the passive skill tree in innovative ways. However, determining the optimal placement of Lethal Pride and identifying the notables to leverage can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Introducing the Lethal Pride Calculator: To simplify the daunting task of optimizing Lethal Pride jewels, a valuable tool called the Lethal Pride Calculator has emerged within the poe timeless jewel community. The calculator is an online resource that assists players in identifying the most advantageous placement of Lethal Pride in relation to nearby notables.

By inputting the seed number of a Lethal Pride jewel, which is a unique identifier associated with each jewel, players can access the calculator’s database. The xibaqua calculator then analyzes the seed number, cross-references it with a vast repository of data, and provides detailed information on the notables and modifiers associated with that particular jewel.

Utilizing the Lethal Pride Calculator: The Lethal Pride Calculator offers several key functionalities to aid players in optimizing their Lethal Pride jewel placement:

a. Identifying Optimal Placement: The calculator provides a visual representation of the passive skill tree, highlighting the nodes that interact with the Lethal Pride jewel. It assists players in strategically placing the jewel to maximize the potential benefits based on nearby notables.

b. Analyzing Modifier Combinations: The poe cobalt jewel calculator presents a breakdown of the unique modifiers that can be obtained from the nearby notables. It allows players to evaluate different combinations and choose the ones that best align with their desired build and playstyle.

c. Evaluating Statistic Enhancements: The calculator displays the specific numeric enhancements that the jewel’s modifiers provide. This enables players to assess the overall impact on their character’s attributes and tailor their build accordingly.

POE Lethal Pride Calculator

d. Sharing and Community Engagement: The calculator encourages collaboration within the PoE community by allowing players to share their Lethal Pride jewel data. This fosters a collective knowledge base, empowering players to learn from each other’s discoveries and strategies.

Empowering Personalized Builds: The Lethal Pride Calculator empowers players to create personalized builds that amplify their characters’ strengths and mitigate their weaknesses. By leveraging the unique modifiers obtained from nearby notables, players can customize their passive skill tree to unlock synergies and optimize their gameplay experience. This level of customization fosters creativity and encourages experimentation, allowing players to explore new strategies and push the boundaries of character development in Path of Exile.

Moreover, the Lethal Pride Calculator opens up opportunities for theorycrafting and theorycrafters within the community. Theorycrafting involves the creation and refinement of build concepts based on game mechanics and item synergies. With the calculator’s assistance, theorycrafters can delve deeper into the potential of Lethal Pride jewels, uncovering unique combinations and unexplored possibilities. This collaborative approach enhances the overall gameplay experience, as players share their findings and contribute to the collective understanding of the game’s mechanics.

Furthermore, the Lethal Pride Calculator serves as a valuable educational tool for both experienced and novice players. It facilitates a deeper understanding of the game’s intricate systems, passive skill tree mechanics, and the importance of jewel placement. By exploring the POE timeless jewel calculator functionalities, players can gain insights into the nuances of character optimization, build progression, and the impact of specific notables on their builds. This knowledge can be applied not only to Lethal Pride jewels but also to other jewel types and character customization aspects, expanding players’ overall proficiency in character building.

In conclusion, the Lethal Pride Calculator has become an indispensable resource for Path of Exile players seeking to unlock the full potential of Lethal Pride jewels. By simplifying the process of identifying optimal jewel placement and providing detailed information on nearby notables and their unique modifiers, the calculator empowers players to create personalized builds, explore new synergies, and push the boundaries of character development. Its collaborative nature fosters community engagement and knowledge sharing, further enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Whether you’re a seasoned theorycrafter or a newcomer to Path of Exile, the Lethal Pride Calculator offers invaluable assistance in navigating the intricacies of character optimization and unleashing the true power of these remarkable jewels.


How do I find Timeless Jewel?

In “Path of Exile,” Timeless Jewels are unique items that modify the passive skill tree in a specific area, providing powerful bonuses and changes to nearby nodes. Finding Timeless Jewels can be a rewarding but challenging task, as they are not common drops in the game. Here are some methods to increase your chances of finding Timeless Jewels:

  1. Timeless Conflict Encounters: Timeless Jewels are often obtained as a reward from completing Timeless Conflict encounters. Timeless Conflict is a special league mechanic where you fight waves of monsters from the past, present, and future. By collecting Timeless Splinters and combining them to create Timeless Emblems, you can access unique battles that may drop Timeless Jewels.
  2. League-Specific Mechanics: Each temporary league in “Path of Exile” introduces unique mechanics and encounters. Some of these mechanics may also drop Timeless Splinters or direct Timeless Jewel drops. Keep an eye on the current league content and participate in relevant activities.
  3. Delve and Azurite Mine: While exploring the Azurite Mine in the Delve league mechanic, you may come across special encounters that can reward Timeless Splinters and Timeless Emblems. These encounters can lead to obtaining Timeless Jewels.
  4. Divination Cards: Some Divination Cards in the game can grant Timeless Jewels as a reward when the set is turned in. Check the available Divination Cards to see if any of them offer Timeless Jewels.
  5. Trade with Other Players: If you are having difficulty finding Timeless Jewels through gameplay, you can try to trade with other players who may have them available for sale. Use trade websites or in-game chat channels to connect with potential sellers and negotiate a fair trade using in-game currency or items.
  6. Complete League Challenges: Completing specific league challenges may reward you with Timeless Splinters, which can be combined to create Timeless Emblems. Engaging in league challenges increases your chances of obtaining Timeless Jewels.
  7. In-Game Markets: Utilize the official Path of Exile trade website or third-party trade tools to search for players selling Timeless Jewels. These websites allow you to browse listings and contact sellers directly.

Remember that Timeless Jewels are rare and valuable items, so obtaining them may require time, effort, and a bit of luck. Be patient, engage in relevant league mechanics, and consider trading with other players to increase your chances of finding the Timeless Jewels you desire.

What is the strength of lethal pride?

“Lethal Pride” is a unique Timeless Jewel in the game “Path of Exile.” The strength of Lethal Pride depends on the historical keystone passive that it represents and the number of “notables” in its radius.

Lethal Pride modifies the passive skill tree within its radius by transforming nearby notables into new notables, each representing a keystone passive. The strength of the keystone depends on the number of notables affected by the jewel and the specific keystone it represents.

When you allocate Lethal Pride into a jewel socket on the passive skill tree, it will affect nearby notables in its radius, changing them into the keystone represented by the jewel. The number of notables affected will determine the potency of the keystone’s effects.

To get the most out of Lethal Pride, you’ll want to place it in a jewel socket near a cluster of notable passives that you wish to transform into the represented keystone. Depending on the number of notables within the jewel’s radius, the resulting keystone effect can be powerful and can significantly impact your character’s build.

It’s essential to carefully consider the positioning of Lethal Pride on the passive skill tree and the surrounding notables before using it to ensure you achieve the desired outcome for your character’s build.

How does Lethal Pride Jewel work?

“Lethal Pride” is a unique Timeless Jewel in the game “Path of Exile.”Lethal Pride works by modifying the passive skill tree within its radius, transforming nearby notables into new notables, each representing a keystone passive.

Here’s how Lethal Pride Jewel works:

  1. Obtaining Lethal Pride: Lethal Pride can be obtained as a drop from Timeless Conflict encounters, which is a special league mechanic in “Path of Exile.” Timeless Conflict involves fighting waves of monsters from the past, present, and future, and it can reward players with Timeless Splinters, which can be combined to create Timeless Emblems. These emblems open portals to unique battles, and defeating certain bosses in these encounters can drop Lethal Pride Jewels.
  2. Allocating Lethal Pride: Once you obtain a Lethal Pride Jewel, you can place it into a jewel socket on the passive skill tree, just like other jewels. When you allocate the Lethal Pride Jewel, it will activate its effects within its radius on the passive tree.
  3. Modifying Nearby Notables: Lethal Pride modifies the passive skill tree within its radius by transforming nearby notables into new notables. Each notable that is affected by the jewel will be replaced with a new notable that represents a keystone passive. The new notables will have unique names and effects based on historical figures or events in the game’s lore.
  4. Keystone Passive Effects: The strength and effects of the keystone passives represented by Lethal Pride depend on the number of notables in its radius. The more notables that are affected, the more potent the keystone effects will be.
  5. Planning Your Build: To make the most of Lethal Pride, you’ll want to place it in a jewel socket near a cluster of notable passives that you wish to transform into the represented keystones. By doing so strategically, you can tailor your passive skill tree to suit your character’s build and playstyle.

It’s important to note that Lethal Pride is a unique and powerful item, and finding the right location on the passive skill tree to utilize its effects effectively can require careful planning and consideration. Additionally, keep in mind that game mechanics may change over time due to balance updates and new content releases, so always check the most recent patch notes or game information to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in “Path of Exile.”

VILSOL (Developer of PoE Timeless Jewel Calculator)


VILSOL is a Developer, Automation Lover and Container Fanatic. He contributed a lot to github. He also created PoE Timeless Jewel Calculator. Creating a calculator like the PoE Timeless Jewel Calculator requires a combination of game knowledge, programming skills, and an understanding of the mechanics behind Timeless Jewels in Path of Exile. It’s no small feat to design and implement a tool that helps players analyze and calculate the potential effects of these unique items on the passive skill tree. This creation has likely been beneficial to many Path of Exile players who use Timeless Jewels in their builds. Tools like these can contribute to the overall gaming experience by providing valuable information and allowing players to optimize their character progression.

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