POE Inner Conviction

In the dark and treacherous world of Path of Exile, the path to mastery lies in the careful selection and utilization of keystone passives. Among the myriad of options, Inner Conviction stands out as a powerful keystone that empowers spellcasters with increased spell damage while reserving all of their mana. In this article, we will delve into the depths of Inner Conviction, exploring its mechanics, strategic considerations, and the impact it has on spellcasting builds. Whether you’re a seasoned spellcaster or new to the game, understanding the potential of Inner Conviction will unlock new avenues of power and build diversity.

POE Inner Conviction
  1. The Essence of Inner Conviction: Inner Conviction is a keystone passive that fundamentally alters the way spellcasters interact with their mana pool. By reserving all of their mana, spellcasters gain a significant boost to their spell damage. This keystone embraces the idea of sacrificing traditional mana usage in exchange for enhanced offensive capabilities, making it a desirable choice for those seeking to maximize their spellcasting potential.
  2. Mechanics of Inner Conviction : Mechanically, Inner Conviction alters the reservation mechanics of a character’s mana. Instead of reserving a portion of their mana pool for auras or other skills, spellcasters with Inner Conviction reserve their entire mana pool. This means that they can no longer use skills that require mana, such as casting spells or using mana-based skills. However, in return, they receive a substantial increase in spell damage, amplifying the power of their offensive spells.
  3. Strategic Considerations : When considering the integration of Inner Conviction into a build, several strategic considerations come into play:

a. Spellcasting Specialization: Inner Conviction is most effective for builds that heavily rely on spells as their primary source of damage. It excels in spellcasting archetypes such as elementalists, occultists, or other classes that focus on spellcasting abilities. Building around Inner Conviction requires a solid understanding of spell mechanics, scaling spell damage, and synergistic skill choices.

b. Mana Reservation Alternatives: Since Inner Conviction requires the reservation of the entire mana pool, it eliminates the possibility of using auras or skills that require mana. However, players can still leverage other mechanics to gain benefits. This includes utilizing skills that reserve life instead of mana, such as Blood Magic or Eldritch Battery, to bypass the limitations of mana usage.

c. Energy Shield Builds: Inner Conviction can synergize with energy shield-based builds, as it eliminates the need for a mana pool, allowing players to focus on stacking energy shield for defense. This can result in robust spellcasting characters that possess both high damage potential and substantial survivability.

d. Mana Cost Reduction: Since Inner Conviction removes the ability to cast spells using mana, mana cost reduction becomes irrelevant. Instead, spellcasters should focus on other methods of enhancing spell damage, such as increased spell damage modifiers on gear, passive nodes, or other sources.

  1. Notable Interactions and Build Synergies : Inner Conviction can interact with other keystones and notable passives to create powerful synergies and build possibilities:

a. Pain Attunement: Combining Inner Conviction with Pain Attunement keystone can create a formidable combination. Pain Attunement provides a significant increase in spell damage when on low life, complementing the damage boost from Inner Conviction. This synergy allows spellcasters to reach exceptional levels of damage output, especially when combined with energy shield-based builds.

POE Inner Conviction

b. Eldritch Battery: By taking Eldritch Battery, which converts energy shield into mana, spellcasters can utilize Inner Conviction without sacrificing their ability to cast spells. This timeless jewel combination allows for a hybrid approach, where the character reserves their mana pool for increased spell damage while using energy shield as a buffer for survivability.

c. Mind Over Matter: Inner Conviction can also synergize with the Mind Over Matter keystone, which redirects a portion of damage taken from mana to life. This POE timeless jewel calculator combination allows spellcasters to effectively utilize their mana pool for defensive purposes, further enhancing their survivability while benefiting from the increased spell damage provided by Inner Conviction.

  1. Building Around Inner Conviction : When building a character around Inner Conviction, the following considerations should be taken into account:

a. Passive Tree Optimization: Allocate passive skill points to maximize spell damage, critical strike chance/multiplier, and cast speed. Prioritize nodes that enhance elemental damage, spell damage, and area of effect for optimal spellcasting performance.

b. Gear and Gem Selection: Look for gear with high spell damage, increased elemental damage, and critical strike chance/multiplier. Socket appropriate support poe crimson jewel gems that amplify spell damage, elemental damage, or critical strikes. Utilize items that provide additional energy shield for survivability in energy shield-based builds.

c. Defensive Mechanisms: Since Inner Conviction primarily enhances offensive capabilities, it’s crucial to incorporate defensive mechanics to ensure survivability. This can include a combination of energy shield, life, resistances, evasion, or armor depending on the chosen build and playstyle.

d. Skill Selection: Choose spells that synergize well with increased spell damage. Consider spells that have high base damage or scaling with spell damage modifiers. Pay attention to area of effect, cast speed, and elemental damage types to optimize the build’s effectiveness.

Conclusion : Inner Conviction is a potent keystone in jeweled calculator that offers spellcasters a unique approach to maximizing their offensive potential. By sacrificing the ability to cast spells using mana and reserving the entire mana pool, spellcasters can unlock a substantial increase in spell damage. Building around Inner Conviction requires careful consideration of spell choices, passive skill allocation, gear selection, and defensive mechanisms. By harnessing the power of Inner Conviction and synergizing it with other keystones and notables, players can create powerful spellcasting builds that excel in damage output and overcome the challenges of Wraeclast. Embrace Inner Conviction and let your spells unleash devastation upon your foes.


How do you get inner conviction?

“Inner Conviction” is a keystone passive skill in “Path of Exile.” Keystone passives are special nodes on the passive skill tree that provide significant and often build-defining effects.

To get the “Inner Conviction” keystone passive, you need to allocate skill points on the passive skill tree to reach its location. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Passive Skill Tree: Press the “P” key or click on the “Skills” button on the game menu to access the passive skill tree for your character.
  2. Navigate to “Inner Conviction”: On the passive skill tree, locate the “Inner Conviction” keystone passive. The passive will have a unique icon and name, making it easily distinguishable from other passive nodes.
  3. Allocate Skill Points: Once you have found “Inner Conviction,” allocate skill points to reach its location on the passive tree. You will need to spend passive points on connected nodes to create a path leading to the keystone.
  4. Confirm Allocation: After allocating enough skill points to reach “Inner Conviction,” click on the keystone to allocate it. Allocating a keystone will instantly apply its effects to your character’s build.

“Inner Conviction” is a powerful keystone that modifies your character’s mana and energy shield mechanics. It causes your maximum mana to apply to both your spell damage and maximum energy shield, making it valuable for certain spellcasting builds that rely heavily on energy shield as a defense.

Keep in mind that the passive skill tree in “Path of Exile” is vast, and allocating skill points is essential for customizing your character’s build. When planning your build, consider how “Inner Conviction” and other keystones can synergize with your chosen skills and playstyle.

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